mf_slutcontestI wanted to take this time to enhance the SlutWoman experience with the fans. There are so many promos and other things being done for the movie with the press but we have yet to include the fans! Fuck that! I will take it upon myself to bring the fans in on this movie and give you all a chance to be a part of history. This is something that hasn’t been done before and trust me when I say, you will be pleased.

This contest will be a way for you to enjoy the first visuals of SlutWoman. How? Good thing you asked! The winner of this contest will receive a personal 10 min Skype show while on set from SlutWoman herself, Maddy O’Reilly. Of course I will be there however who wants to see me..? It’s all about SlutWoman.

Now that you know what’s at stake, let’s get into details of how you can earn this show!

I want to know who has been a fan of Elegant and knows a bit of our history. So I would like for you to tell me how many women have worked in SlutWoman?

Let’s give you another chance to win another show, shall we?

Second, I would like to know why do you feel Maddy is SlutWoman? You know why I have selected her, but what is it about her that makes you feel Maddy is SlutWoman?

To send in your answers you must either tweet to Maddy and myself using #SlutWomanContest or you can post your answer on below in the comment section. You can guess as many times as you like. Maddy and myself will announce the Winner of this contest Saturday evening. Please be aware you must follow Maddy, Elegant Angel, and myself on twitter to be eligible for this contest. You also must have a Skype account to be able to participate.

Good luck…! Hope to see you Sunday!

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