images-1Sooooo…since 420 has passed I think it’s only right to write a blog about smoking. Now ya boi MimeFreak is not a regular smoker. I love the smell of herb and I love how many things you can use it for. Overall I think America once appreciated this plant for it’s many uses but took a step on the wrong direction by considering it a dangerous drug.

I mean when you look at the history of marijuana you should know that American used it in many different ways. The reason they turned their back on it is very strange to me. However I look at more states legalizing it in the coming years. I will say the herb is the main reason crime has settled down in Los Angeles. I took note of when weed really became popular in West Hollywood under medical use lots of people turned to that outlet to smoke freely. In return weed kept a lot of people who were once aggressive soften up a bit.

Let me tell you a story about how I fucked up a chance to get my chick high. Now I really don’t do too much without the consent of my better half. I told her I was thinking of smoking to relax a little bit. Of course I have my babies around so I wouldn’t smoke around them. I got an edible in the form of a sucker without my chick. I didn’t think too much of it. Of course since I made her a promise not to smoke without her I didn’t think she would get upset. WRONG! That’s what I get for assuming.

Since I’m new to edibles I didn’t thinking eating the whole sucker would be a problem. WRONG! That shit fucked me up. I was thinking to myself like I know I’m new but fuck man, this shit might not be for me. Every time I tell this story I get laughed at. But hell I didn’t know. My edible didn’t come with instructions. Hahahahaha. So after that experience I thought it was karma for not waiting for my chick after I made a promise.

So I fucked up again. Yeahp. I was visiting her father for Thanksgiving. He invites me into his “office” along with Tori’s brother and his best friend. I thought he was going to show me some new tool I didn’t know about. He busts out the weed. I’m like aw damn…I can’t tell him I made a promise to his daughter that I wouldn’t smoke without her. I mean I would be snitching on her and I would seem like I couldn’t hold my own. So when the can (yes he smoked out of a can) came to me I hit it. Not only was this funny but he had some dirt ass weed. Now I’m thinking to myself, I know I don’t smoke often but I know this weed is some bullshit.

Tori’s brother came to the rescue with some bomb as purp. He also brought a pipe cause the can thing was played out. So I go back in the house but before I walk in her father ask me if his daughter smokes.  Of course I said no but I don’t think he believed me. We all walk in the house and my chick immediately looks at me and was pissed. I couldn’t say anything but, it’s your father…I couldn’t tell him, No. I felt like shit and it ruined my buzz but it was still a little funny. So I will have to take her on a vacation and get her high. Even though she tells me to go fuck myself because I did it without her. I guess we will see what happens in the future.

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