Take Out the Trash

We as a people always find more reasons to complain. With how society communicates it’s sad how judgmental we have become. We judge others and hate for us to be judged. I’m not sitting here talking like shame on you; I’m just as guilty. I catch myself looking at certain things judging it and defend […]

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ONCE AGAIN IT'S ON... The Freaky Crew has done it again. As we continue to expand our brand it's only right we talk our shit... Join MimeFreak and Co Hosts Tori Avano and Veruca James in The FreakyCrew Podcast... BOOM
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Just Stop It

This blog is my list of things that porn stars should stop doing. Now I know there will be things on this list that will piss some people off but hey, let’s remember this is strictly my opinion. I don’t take time to blast anyone or point fingers I’m just going to bring up things […]

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Too Bleed Or Not Too Bleed

I think it’s time for me to go into a more freaky side of things. What you might not understand is my name fits perfectly. At times I feel that some of the shit I would like to talk about is a bit too much for the average…then I have to remind myself this is […]

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My Motivation

There’s always a reason why you have certain people become motivated to succeed. Nelson Mandela went to jail for 27 years for standing up for his country. This motivated him to a bigger purpose in life. I don’t think he personally set out to become president of his country but the opportunity presented itself from […]

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How To Fuck Like A Porn Star_2 | The Cheat Codes

So here are the cheat codes to fucking like a porn star. This blog is for the guys out there that care to know what they can do to be better in the sack or tips of how to enhance what they are already doing. I mean this is for the good ol’ perverts out […]

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