Calm Before the Storm

Rage. Aggression. Enraged. Frustrated. Acrid. Caustic. These are some of the words that can describe the way I’ve been feeling lately. Yet I smile and I go thru the motions as if nothing is wrong. I’ve been instructed to not be so humble and give voice to the credit that I’ve been given. I reject […]

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Take Out the Trash

We as a people always find more reasons to complain. With how society communicates it’s sad how judgmental we have become. We judge others and hate for us to be judged. I’m not sitting here talking like shame on you; I’m just as guilty. I catch myself looking at certain things judging it and defend […]

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People of Interest: Mick Blue

I will never walk around with my head held high as if I didn’t get a helping hand in my career. I wanted to continue this series of pointing out the people that actually played a role in my career.

The first time I worked for Mick Blue was for “Meet the fuckers”. He hired me […]

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Positive Light

I’m a people pleaser. I go out of my way to try to assist anyone that has a problem. Whether it be family, friends or plain ol’ strangers. I’ve lost a great deal of friends and family members due to death. With knowledge of that I felt I was alone at some key moments in […]

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Too Bleed Or Not Too Bleed

I think it’s time for me to go into a more freaky side of things. What you might not understand is my name fits perfectly. At times I feel that some of the shit I would like to talk about is a bit too much for the average…then I have to remind myself this is […]

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Valentine’s Day is for Suckers!!!

Is there a Grentch for Valentine’s Day…? If not this blog will sound like I am, but hear me out so I can drop some knowledge on ya. I personally feel that Valentine’s Day is for suckas. Reason being is if you are with someone why wait until one day of the year to express your […]

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