Love is in the Air

I know many of you saw me tweet that there was a new trend that’s going on in the adult industry. This new trend is LOVE. There’s more adult industry couples currently then there’s ever been. This is something I feel is very positive when it comes to our industry. So many people on the […]

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People of Interest: Mick Blue

I will never walk around with my head held high as if I didn’t get a helping hand in my career. I wanted to continue this series of pointing out the people that actually played a role in my career.

The first time I worked for Mick Blue was for “Meet the fuckers”. He hired me […]

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The Booty Queen

Shooting a showcase with Jada Stevens is like a dream come true. When I was at Elegant Angel the talk of Buttwoman came about. We didn’t know who would direct it because I had Slutwoman and Toni had Squirtwoman. I did have a say in whom I wanted to be Buttwoman and of course I […]

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Black & White Makes Green

Let’s get something straight. I don’t give a shit what color you are. You aren’t entitled to anything because of the color of your skin. Last I noticed scientifically speaking when you cut a human body open you can’t tell whether the body is black, White, or Asian. I’m not PRO BLACK, I’m PRO HUMANITY! […]

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