A Change Gone Come

2015 is here and looking forward I really want to channel a darker side of pornography. I stuck my neck out with doing Anal Warriors the way I did. To be honest with you I really didn’t think this movie was going to do as well as it did. I’m a firm believer in if […]

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08/14_Freak of the Month: Penny Pax

I would like to apologize for missing out on a freak of the month for July. I wanted to take some time to spend with my loved ones for the summer. Yea I could’ve wrote something and posted it when the time came but I just needed a break from writing as well. Now that […]

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So there are many girls in this industry that are over-looked. As a representative of this industry I will say there are more girls then ever. It’s not that we purposely don’t want to hire some of you, there’s just so many to choose from. I’m constantly being asked why I haven’t shot a certain […]

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Elegant Angel | Anal Freaks

I get to do another anal movie! Hell Yea Bitches!!! I must’ve done something right in my previous life to not only get to do one anal movie but another anal movie right after the first one. The anal gods are smiling at me with thoughts of what I can do to make a turd […]

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