People of Interest: Mick Blue

I will never walk around with my head held high as if I didn’t get a helping hand in my career. I wanted to continue this series of pointing out the people that actually played a role in my career.

The first time I worked for Mick Blue was for “Meet the fuckers”. He hired me […]

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People Of Interest: JAYSIN

It’s funny how life works sometimes. I’m a firm believer of things happen for a reason. I was supposed to be in this industry. I was meant to spend two years of my life in jail. I was supposed to work for Jaysin.

I can say out of all of the people that I have been […]

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People of Interest: Mr. Pete

I remember the first time I actually met Pete. I was forewarned about how ghetto this dude was. Casey who was the production manager at the time said Pete was probably blacker then I was. I laughed because you know I’m thinking this is going to be some ghetto as brotha from the hood. When […]

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People of Interest: Chris Streams

So I’ve decided to start doing a person of interest blog. These people are people that help sculpt my career in the industry or helped me in an important way. I remember who made a difference in my career and I would love to share a few stories about these individuals.

First up is none other […]

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