Nina Elle is the ArchAngel

You gotta give credit when credit is due. It wasn’t me that found Nina Elle. IT was my partner Gabe that pointed her out to me. I did some research and I was like she’s cute, she’s blonde but I don’t know her. I did promise Gabe I would arrange a meeting to meet her.

We […]

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Elegant Angel | Caramel Hunnies

I would like to say this movie is almost as important as SlutWoman. I think I would give this movie a slight edge due to it being something original. The reason why this movie is very important to me is this is my first all black series with Elegant Angel. I have directed other black […]

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Black and White Makes Green Pt.2 | My First IR

So here’s a doobie…. This is a touchy subject but this is a subject that everyone has been waiting on. Please keep in mind that this blog site belongs to me. I don’t write to please others. I write for myself and if you choose to agree or disagree that is your god given right. […]

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