Year in Review: PART I

Favorite movies:
Pretty Petite:
The reason I chose this movie is due to the importance of it. Originally this movie wasn’t going to happen. There was going to be a change in management with Elegant Angel so there was talk of scrapping this movie.

Not only was this movie important to me, it was important to aaliyah love […]

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Elegant Angel | Slutwoman

SlutWoman is here!!! I’ve never been so excited for a movie to come out. There’s never been a bigger release for me. The only time I’ve been this is excited for something to come out is when I was in high school waiting for the Wu Tang Forever double disk to drop.

So with SlutWoman finally […]

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SlutWoman Contest

I wanted to take this time to enhance the SlutWoman experience with the fans. There are so many promos and other things being done for the movie with the press but we have yet to include the fans! Fuck that! I will take it upon myself to bring the fans in on this movie and […]

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Directing SlutWoman

I saw the articles on Xbiz, AVN, and other blogs and it’s kinda crazy there was nnnnoooooo mentions from me. How the hell did that happen with me also being the other co-director? Your guess is as good as mine but that’s cool because I was in a few pictures blasting Maddy with cheap champagne […]

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