The third booty for the contest belongs to Lola Foxx. I must say that I have been watching this girl for some time and it’s been way overdue for me to shoot her. I must say that she has a sneaky booty and I didn’t know her to be a booty girl. The Foxxx Hounds let me know right away.

I wanted to add a bonus booty to the movie just because I can. This girl is none other then, Bliss Dulce. Bliss actually was my very first podcast Skype call. You will hear how this came out in a future podcast so I don’t want to ruin the story. Who complains about too much booty anyway? I know I don’t.

The lucky stud for this scene was Rico Strong. I must say that Rico took advantage of these ladies booty’s. There’s a nice intro to the movie with Lola dominating Bliss a tad bit. I enjoyed that and with the way it was going we have could’ve gone longer with just the girls. But that’s not this type of movie.

Stay tuned to the last two booty’s to round out this movie coming real soon.

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