Shooting a showcase with Jada Stevens is like a dream come true. When I was at Elegant Angel the talk of Buttwoman came about. We didn’t know who would direct it because I had Slutwoman and Toni had Squirtwoman. I did have a say in whom I wanted to be Buttwoman and of course I said Jada.

Since ArchAngel is my home now I decided to do my own version of Buttwoman, which is “The Booty Queen”. I wanted a fresh line that I could introduce to the fans. I hope this movie is everything you expected it to be and more.

Jada vs Rob Piper
This is a scene that was greatly anticipated by the fans. There’s nothing like have the best ass in the business paired with an up and coming stud. Upon getting to set I found Rob Piper snoring on the couch. I warned him previously of how we get down on set and to not get caught slippin. So I told Jada to go twerk in his face while he slept to wake him up. Don’t get too upset because you can see this on the BTS section of the movie.

I enjoyed the chemistry these two shared. I can say they were filling each other out but got in a groove that’s worth praising. I plan to shoot another scene of these two due to both performers having to want to do more to each other. You always want to give it another go after you get pass the initial meeting. So look for something else to pop between these two.

Jada vs Kelsi Monroe & Abella Danger
This scene was a glimpse of the current, future, and up and coming booties in the industry. Kelsi Monroe is always a pleasure to have on set. Actually I wanted her to be in the booty movie but she wasn’t around. Abella Danger is kicking in the door allowing people to know her name immediately. I’m proud to say that she’s a true Freaky Crew member.

Putting these girls in a room together equals a lot of booty and lots of weed smoke. I swear to god I had to open all the doors in my office because of the weed these girls were blazing. I was impressed at how much weed they went thru. Once they were on their level I knew this scene would be great.

After shooting this scene I can picture us doing another one with these same girls. I wanted to get nastier things with each other them but I didn’t have the toys to do it. I guess we will see what happens in the near future.

Jada vs Mick & Ashley Fires
I must say Ashley Fires has one of the most underrated booties in the industry. Having Jada request her was very refreshing. The bonus was that they never done a scene together. I would think Jaysin would’ve shot this scene before me. But I think it was meant to be mine if you ask me.

Having these two girls around each other talking was funny. Potter and myself were sitting back laughing at the different filthy scenarios that were possible with these two. What many don’t know is Ashley Fires is one of the industries nastier girls. There are so many things she enjoys that it’s hard for you to be able to shoot it all.

Adding Mick to this scene was nothing short of special. As you know I always like to have the girls placed with someone they love. Mick is one of Jada’s and Ashley’s favorites. I actually lost my original guy and Mick came thru to save the scene. Everything went as planned and I enjoyed this setting the most out of the whole movie. Everything was right where it needed to be and the scenery had an 80’s type feel to it.

Jada vs Kelly & Prince
This scene was special due to it featuring Kelly Devine. Kelly hasn’t graced a porn movie in such a long time. There’s always been a great deal of respect between Kelly and myself. I’ve never had the pleasure of shooting her but I’ve witnessed what she could do.

When Jada told me Kelly wanted to be in her movie I was like yea right. I thought she was playing. Then Kelly called me herself to let me know it was about to go down. There’s nothing like having someone like Kelly bless you with a scene. Pairing these two together was like peanut butter and Jelly. They got your eyes sticking like Peanut butter and shaking their booties like jelly. My real ones know what I’m talking about.

Once I made the call to prince to let him know what was going down we just started laughing. It’s funny how laughter can trigger words that aren’t really said. Once I got him on set he was ready. Kelly was nervous because it’s been so long but once I said ACTION, there was nothing but perfection that was shot. I will say I was impressed at this scene and I will allow you to be the judge of who turnt up in this scene.

Jada vs Mick & Erik
This was a whole new arena for Jada. Jada has never done any type of bondage before. Of course I imagined it being with Ashley but the days got mixed up so we went with the DP instead. Truth be told I don’t think Jada could handle a really rough scene but I compliment her for trying to do something different.

Pairing Mick Blue and Erik Everhard is easy as Sunday morning. You say action, press record and capture greatness. There are only a few other guys that work well together. This is another great DP to add to the DP ranking that some of the guys from the Freaky Crew involve themselves in.

Overall I must admit that there were a lot of changes that were made to this movie. I had this movie planned in a different direction. So the greatest thing about it is you can expect the unexpected. I accepted the change and we still made something happen with what we had. But I will tell you this…there will be another Jada feature coming soon To Be Continued….!