mf_bleed2I think it’s time for me to go into a more freaky side of things. What you might not understand is my name fits perfectly. At times I feel that some of the shit I would like to talk about is a bit too much for the average…then I have to remind myself this is my damn site and you don’t have to read what you don’t want to. Lol

So I’m sure there is a question mark that is leaving you thinking about the title of this blog. Too bleed or not too bleed, what the hell does that mean? Let me explain, men are faced with that saying from their chick once a month that goes, “I’m on my period.” As a teen I was like oh shit that’s not the time to touch the pussy. That includes cramps, bitchiness, and a mess.

I remember having a discussion about this topic while I worked in the mortgage field. A co-worker was talking about how when a chick was on her period was his favorite time to fuck her. At that time in my life I was really disgusted. I grilled him about it and looking back on it, man was I wrong. I bet if he would read this blog he would point his finger at me and say I told you so.

I guess I got over it when I started to not give a fuck in the world how I would fuck my chick. I noticed her reactions and orgasms were more intense while she was on her monthly. I don’t normal care about certain things when it comes to her. I grew a lot sexually and this was one of them. Men evolve sexually at a certain age and I can honestly say she took my sexuality to another level.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a vampire or some shit with blood all over the place. There’s always a time and place to do it. I don’t like to allow my nanny and cleaning lady to know how much of a freak we are with physical evidence everywhere. We are discreet about it and we enjoy it to the fullest. I don’t think it’s a normal thing due to my friends always complaining about their girls being on their periods. I always respond to them, “Aw a little blood wont hurt.” I try to give them advice but they give me the stank face like a just farted and they tasted it.

I will say this, not everyone is down for something like this because some typical women aren’t clean as mine. I mean let’s keep it “100”, I don’t like any type of smells or odors. Some chicks have a ratchet smelling pussy when they are bleeding. So trust me when I say there is an exception to everything I say. If my chick weren’t as clean I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog. Let’s just say she’s the perfect match for me whether she bleeds or not. Hahahaha…

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