mf_underSo there are many girls in this industry that are over-looked. As a representative of this industry I will say there are more girls then ever. It’s not that we purposely don’t want to hire some of you, there’s just so many to choose from. I’m constantly being asked why I haven’t shot a certain girl. I don’t think I would be ever capable of shooting everyone’s favorite girl. It’s impossible. Even if I tried and there was a way, I would then be asked why I didn’t put this chick with this guy. It’s never ending.

I will name some of the girls in the industry that I myself feel are underrated. This is not a favoritism type ordeal I’m just stating who I feel is underrated. Now keep in mind there are reasons (Ones I will not mention) why some girls don’t get booked. Mainly this comes from things that some girls decide to do in their personal lives. You might think, “What’s that got to do with shooting porn?” Everything! I will not go into full detail of why. Instead I will allow your imagination to run wild.

Veruca James
I don’t know why this girl isn’t among the elite. Not only is she stunning, Veruca is probably one of the most intelligent girls in this industry. I’m not going to go into what Veruca did before porn but trust me when I say she isn’t here for the money.

Besides brains and beauty, Veruca is a cold freak. The way she goes after cock and takes it is absolutely amazing. Now if you want more, Veruca James is fucking hilarious. I suggest you go look at her Fourth of July post on twitter.

Penny Pax
There’s nothing like a red head with pale skin to match. To top it off she wears those damn glasses so you can’t really see her stunning blue eyes. When I first met Penny, she was exactly how you would imagine her to be. Penny is soft spoken, giggly, and shy. That all changed dramatically when there was a cock in front of her.

Once penny is in her sexual prime she’s still soft spoken but there is something fresh about the way she moans and talks to her mate. While shooting the Pretty Petite scene Rico was going too deep. Instead of jumping up and causing a scene, she kindly asked him to be careful to not hurt her sore holes but feel free to give her nice deep strokes all while still performing. That was a huge turn on.

Penny is a bright starlet that has yet to get the credit that she deserves. Penny has one of the most attractive pussies (We know pretty pussies are rare) in the business. And let’s not forget the gape that this woman has. Man oh man.

Tori Avano
What can I say about this crazy ass bitch? Hahaha. From the moment that I first spoke with this girl there was a spark about her. We immediately started to talk like we have known each other for years. Tori has a great personality. I had to see if her looks and body matched that personality and if it looked just as good in person than it does on twitter.

Not only did everything lined up for this girl it was great seeing her in action. With being paired up with Phoenix Marie and Jayden Lee for a jaysin scene, I wanted to know if Tori could hold her own. Of course she was nervous at first but when she calmed down and adjusted to jaysin’s style she made me proud to brought her to the table.

I don’t know what the rest of the industry is missing with this girl, I know that she gives a great scene and will do whatever the job takes to get it done. There’s a reason I want to pair up with her for my blog. Tori is funny as shit. You will all witness it very shortly.

AJ Applegate
When you think of a chick with the girl next-door face, ass of a horse and an anal champ, you must think of AJ Applegate. AJ was set to performer with Jada Stevens and James Deen on a set with Jaysin. I really couldn’t get a sense of who she was with Jada and James around. These are two people that enhance the atmosphere with jokes, so if you can’t keep up with the jokes you will drown out.

It wasn’t until I booked AJ for Curvy girls 6 that I was impressed with what she has to offer. Here’s another girl that’s soft spoke but if you crack the right joke you will hear a roar of laughter. One thing about AJ is she loves jokes, good music and working out. AJ does it all. Of course she is waiting for the right moment to do certain things due to have diving off into the deep end of the industry.

AJ is slowly becoming a name that people in the industry are starting to recognize. I’ve been noticing a lot more shoot that’s she’s been featured in. I know in the coming months I will have to take this blog post down because I feel she’s going to be in a better place.

Liv Aguilera
This little girl is a firecracker. I remember when she first came into the industry. She was shy and rarely spoke. Of course I got her to talk and when she did I knew that she was going to make waves in this industry. For some odd reason she’s always over looked when it comes to Latinas in the business.

I paired Liv up with Adriana Luna for an Internet scene I was shooting. I wanted her to be matched with someone that had a personality to match. However when it came to sexual aggression Liv had the edge that day. I watched how Liv grew into a force to by bringing heat every time she was in front of the camera. I talk to her now and she’s a full bloom vet in the industry.

Even though Liv isn’t around much, I occasionally chat with her on twitter to check in and see how she’s doing. Liv still has that fire and I promise I will find something to bring attention to her besides a blog.

Stay tuned for Part II…