Anal. I get to shoot an anal movie. Anal? Are you sure this is what you want me to shoot? ANAL! YES! I couldn’t explain the amount of excitement I had when I learned I was to shoot for the Up That White Ass series. I’ve done lots of scenes in this business and there’s nothing like shooting an anal scene.

There’s something so raw, edgy, and freaky about shooting girls whom want men to stick their cocks in their turd cutter. Yea I said turd cutter. Don’t judge me. Hahaha. I love anal scenes. For you guys that aren’t familiar with anal scenes, it’s the riskiest of the scenes due to the shit that could happen. Literally. Also working along side of Jaysin I know who does what and how!

With that being said and me talking about my excitement let’s take that walk to describe all the scenes in Up That White Ass 4….

Scene One: Mischa Brooks vs. Sean Michaels

There’s nothing like a girl with a big fit ass. An ass that’s perfectly round and has muscle tone that fits with the jiggle. This is the ass of Mischa Brooks. I first shot Mischa about two years ago. I didn’t know she had an ass like that until she peeled off her sweats. I was like DAMN! Mischa wasn’t doing anal at the time but you know I spoke with her about it. She was very shy but she told me she’s thinking about it. I actually shot her first girl girl anal scene so I saw her grow anally.

Once I found out she was doing anal scenes with guys I heard she was pretty good. Jaysin never got around to shooting her so her skill set was still a mystery. I’ve never had a problem with her before and I didn’t think shooting her would anal scene would be a problem. This was the last scene of the movie so I couldn’t honor her request in pairing her up with Prince. I choose the next best guy in Sean Michaels.

We shot the scene at this musician’s house. It was a battle due to the spot I wanted to shoot. He had restrictions and that puts everyone in a funk. It’s like if you are renting your house to for us to shoot don’t put restrictions loser. Anyway, I had problems with lighting. I had one light and eventually I think I needed two. There was a huge window and I didn’t want the lights to get caught in the frame.

Pairing these two performers together was a good choice. I thought Sean looked like a substitute teacher in the scene with his tie and vest while Mischa looked like something out of a curves magazine. I didn’t stop but once during the scene to get the guys some water. It was hot as hell in that room we were shooting in.

The best part in the whole scene was when after Sean Michaels blew his load he had to lift his leg over my head so he wouldn’t hit the camera or myself. As he slowly took his leg I was able to end the scene and immediately catch him with his leg up and start the bts (behind the scene) asking him what the fuck he was doing!?! It was a classic movement because you never catch Mr. Smooth in an odd position.

Mischa Brooks did a hell of a job. The scene was as smooth as the skin on her ass. I definitely plan on shooting her again. Maybe a DP this time to see what she’s really about.

whiteScene Two: Leya Pryce vs. Jon Jon & Wesley Pipes

Leya Pryce was new to me. I believe in shooting girls for the first time for Elegant to give us a new look. I first saw her on La Direct’s site but she was no longer there. Good ol’ twitter rescued me, as I was able to get in touch with this chick making a name for herself and having a huge ass. I asked her to come out for a go see at the elegant office so I could see how she looked in person. (A go see is where a starlet will come for a quick interview, photos, and fill out paperwork) Talking with Leya she was a natural. Immediately she took off her clothes and showed me she was worth casting, and I casted her right then and there.

I walked her to her car and she said that she loves anal and she’s never done a DP. I asked her what her rate was and she gave me a deal that would piss every other company off. With that deal I went and brought her an outfit in which she used in the tease. I wanted to showcase her since she was allowing Elegant to shoot her first DP to get that exposure.

I ran into a huge problem with the male cast for the scene. Rico was originally suppose to do the scene with Wesley but due to him not being able to catch a flight in time I quickly replaced him with Jon Jon. Problem solved. I didn’t know about pairing these two guys up. I’ve never seen them do a DP together and just like girls and guys, two guys need chemistry to pull off a good DP.

I enjoyed this scene. The chemistry between the performers was great. Wesley was in love with him some Leya as he was fucking her before the scene to open her up. I’m lying they were fucking to kill time. I had to cut too many times but my editor pieced it together nicely. That was my only concern and MY BOY ROY made that concern disappear.

Scene Three: Jada Stevens vs. Prince

YES! YES! YES! YES! YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS! I am a huge fan of all things Jada Stevens. Just as I explained in my Freak of the Month post this girl has grown anally and has the best ass in the business. No offense to anyone else but the small waist makes that ass POP. Jada is also a Friend. She calls me to check on me and I was the first person she called when she got in her car accident. Glad she was okay but you know I had to clown her and told her I would book her for some handicap scenes. We shared a good laugh on that one.

There were a lot of pretty funny moments during the process of this scene being made. First we were at the beach where I did her tease and we ran into two guys that were wanted for murder. Yes, MURDER! Jada was cool but didn’t say much. But you know me, I will talk to anyone. They weren’t rude or anything, they saw cameras and a fat ass and wanted to know what the hell was going on. I told them. They were super excited. These Hispanic guys were going to turn themselves in so I think jada’s ass will be in some jerk time at night. I give them my po box and told them to hit me up if they needed anything. Jada asked me why I gave them my address. I told her I would love to send them guys pictures in jail so Elegant has a prison following. More fans, More Money.

The tease that took place under the pier was very nice. However it was cold as fuck and jada had to keep running in the sun to keep warm. We were able to get what we needed and rushed to the car to get to the location. Jada didn’t bother putting her pants back on. I mean we were on the beach, weren’t we? Yeahp we sure were but not every girl had an ass like that walking around at eleven in the morning. There were two girls that we following us and we could hear them talking a little shit so what does Jada do? Nah she didn’t beat they ass…hahaha…Jada started walking with a bounce to pop her ass to piss them bitches off even more. “Don’t hate bitches”, is what I said to Jada as we laughed was we drove off.

Now the moment of truth was when Prince showed up. Just like he always does he destroyed Jada’s little asshole and I absolutely loved it. We stopped twice to during the scene to give jada a break and the other to set up the pop. I love the bts that we got because you rarely see prince in a goofy moment. I like to believe I have an influence to bring out the goofy of the people that normally whoop your ass for laughing at some of the things you do. However I’m a big kid at heart and having fun is 24/7. This scene was great from start to finish. I had no problems between these two. Even though I got the feeling Prince wanted to kidnap Jada at the end of the scene…and I was going to let him to.

Scene Four: Phoenix Marie vs. Lexington Steele

What can I say about a girl that does miraculous things with her asshole? I mean damn. I ‘ve seen this girl take aqua fresh toothpaste (the toothpaste with the green, red and white stripes) stuff it in her ass, push it out, and the shit came back out same color with the same stripes. That shit was the most impressive shit I seen phoenix do. I wont go into how I met Phoenix because she will be a freak of the month girl and I will get into that later.

Phoenix is a man-eater and not your typical anal girl. The bigger the better for the ass and the smaller the smoother for the pussy. She can take bigger cocks in her ass then she can her pussy, which is very rare these days. When I asked Phoenix about pairing her up with Lex she quickly replied with it’s an all-anal scene right? I told her whatever she wants. I can say that we are friends as well and I want to make sure that she’s comfy while working for me.

Lex was an easy choice however he doesn’t work for everyone. Once he agreed to do the scene I knew I was someone that became respected in the industry. I told him whom he was working with and he started to laugh. I didn’t understand but Phoenix quickly reminded me that he has a thing for her and their chemistry was great. Come to think of it, his laugh was a little evil. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do to her.

Now I can honestly say this scene was a complete MimeFreak scene. What that mean is when you look at the scene I had her with black lipstick, A spiked bat, and retro black and white with the chucks to go with it. Oh and let’s not forget about that rag on her face. Who does that in porn? Me, that’s who,. I also wanted a little storyline at the beginning of the scene just to show case what else I’m capable of doing. Jim didn’t know if it was going to work but I did two scenarios just in case.

This scene was my favorite of the whole movie due to it being a complete MimeFreak vision. I loved all things different and this scene showed that. The chemistry flowed and after the scene I just sat there in awe. I literally just sat there and was like this is my job now, this is a dream come true. I even have a picture that was taken of me in my awe moment.

In conclusion I loved making this movie. This movie was a huge success and the success came from everyone putting so much move work in what was required. The fans ate every last scene up and this movie was sold out and moving lots of pieces. From the sales rep at elegant to the warehouse folk, they all told the movie was doing well…. I would like to thank all the FANS that helped make this movie that much more fun…THANK YOU AGAIN.