photoIs there a Grentch for Valentine’s Day…? If not this blog will sound like I am, but hear me out so I can drop some knowledge on ya. I personally feel that Valentine’s Day is for suckas. Reason being is if you are with someone why wait until one day of the year to express your love? Am I making sense now? Yea I sure I am. Let’s continue shall we?

The typical man thinks a women really wants you to go out and spend money on overpriced roses and other flowers for a so called day of love! That’s weak. Ladies if you are with a man and you want him to go crazy on Valentine’s Day your just as silly as his ass! There’s no reason for it. So where is this going MimeFreak….? Well if you continue reading and stop asking questions you will know. Lol

I’m a firm believer that “ALL” men shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express how much they love someone. A real man will do things just because. If you treat your women right Valentine’s Day is a day that you create randomly. Your women will be more appreciative if you took the time to think of her out of the blue. We men always get caught up in other shit and expect to go all out on the “typical” day. Fucc That! Here’s some things you can use to tingle your chicks sex berry!

Write a love letter and mail it to her. Don’t use a return address and have someone else write her name and address so she won’t know it’s you. There’s nothing like a women receiving something other then bills in the mail.

Bubble bath. Women love bubble baths. Now don’t be dumb and make the bath too soon and the water gets all cold. Don’t forget to grab some candles that float in the water. You can also buy flowers and throw them in the water for an exotic feel.

Don’t have much money? Get some lotion and give your women a rub down. There’s not a women I know that wouldn’t want you to rub her down nice and slow. Don’t go poking her with your dick, remain calm so you can focus on what your doing.

Last thing that’s super nice, make a check list of things that you feel she might want. Example; Movie night, Picnic in the Park, Walk on the Beach, Wild n Crazy, or Girls Night. Women will love the world to be presented to them, since you can’t get that shit, try something simple. It works. And if it doesn’t you probably fucked up in the beginning of the relationship by buying her everything to make her happy and now that you ain’t got no more money being simple won’t cut it.

Look I’m not gonna act like I’m mister romantic. I know what I know and I do what I do. I love to surprise my chick with flowers weekly. Why? Because she deserves them. I make an effort to make sure she gets off before I do. I also open all doors for her because she is a Queen and deserves to be treated like one.

So you can have your Valentine’s Day. Pay for them overpriced flowers, make reservations to those crowded ass restaurants and make an ass out of yourself because you will cum real quick from trying to end the night off with some “normal” sex. Don’t take my advice though, keep doing what your doing so I can be that much more special to my chick. Hahahaha.