IMG_3163Hell Yea….Oh hell yea…Muthafuccia I said, “HELL YEA!” Finally. Welcome. Welcome to the place that I can talk my shit. If you don’t wanna read my shit you don’t have to read my shit. For those that have come to my page to read this shit, Thank You.

One thing about me I love to talk about that I know, what I don’t know and what I could know. Please join me in this journey of growth. I try to grow every day and advance with my growth. I don’t speak on things I know. I’m always willing to learn. I learn from all things surrounding me. I love knowledge and I am hungry for it.

This blog site will give you inside information of what the hell is going on in my life. I like to feel that I have an interesting one. I mean I do have the hottest bitch in the game wearing my chain…also I have a platform to express my perverted mind thru my lens over at Elegant Angel. Who could ask for more? But don’t get it twisted. I earned this shit. Didn’t anybody give me shit. I worked hard for all of what I have. So before you think someone gave me something, Think of my momma which was the only person that gave me something when she birthed this muthafuccia!!!

Now, Please get your ass over the rest of my domain to enhance your mind on what’s going on with what I have to offer. Pay attention to what’s said because I will be dropping clues to future movies, future projects, and all things I got my hands on. One thing in life is time happens no matter what. We will never relive a second, minute, or an hour….With that being said Thank You for you time.

MF (MimeFreak aka MuthaFuccia)