Favorite movies:

Pretty Petite:
The reason I chose this movie is due to the importance of it. Originally this movie wasn’t going to happen. There was going to be a change in management with Elegant Angel so there was talk of scrapping this movie.

Not only was this movie important to me, it was important to aaliyah love as well. This was her 1st interracial scene. We agreed to make this movie happen in 2013. So for the movie to just get scrapped would’ve been heart breaking for the both of us.

I was able to take my time with this movie and do what exactly what I pictured. Pretty Petite was simply amazing due to it being my most “Pretty” movie. This movie had a great response from the fans and once the trailer was released I knew it was going to do well.

SlutWoman gave me a chance to be in the hot seat. If I had to do it all over again I would’ve waited to put this movie out due to the other showcase Maddy was featured in. Even though the movie sold well, I think both our movies would’ve done much better numbers if I didn’t release this movie around the time I did.

The publicity around this movie was great and it brought a lot of attention to all parties involved. The most meaningful moment was co directing it with Maddy. With the making of this movie I gain a friend and we enjoyed what we were able to do.

The Booty Movie:
This was the start of a new chapter for me. I knew the future of Elegant Angel was shaky so I didn’t know what was going to happen when it came to my own future. I joined Arch Angel and I knew I had to do something incredible to put this company on the map. I lost a lot of sleep over the direction I wanted this movie to go in. There were so many options so I took it back to what’s best THE FANS.

The Booty Movie was perfect because the fans had a chance to be apart of the company’s first production. What better way to start off a new venue then to have the people who not only supported me but also wanted to do something different?  Once I reached out to Kendra about doing her first IR and she replied with let’s do it I knew it was going to be a smash.

So I had the perfect girl for the movie, the perfect formula and the perfect title as well. The only bad thing about this movie was it was Roy’s last movie editing for me. This hurt my heart because Roy and myself as a winning combination. After he edited this movie he joined another company. I salute him because it was the right thing to do for him but I know he misses the hell out of us. The Booty Movie turned out better then I imagined and it started with you all. Thank You.

Favorite performers:

Jada Stevens:
My blog site started with her being my first freak of the month. The response from it was very welcoming. The scene that really grabbed peoples attention was the scene that featured Jada vs Prince Pt I. Once that scene was released the love that I got was remarkable. That one scene moved lots of fans.

I’ve come to Jada many of times and she’s never disappointed me for a scene. Now Jada isn’t your normal starlet and we are friends so nothing is easy. But when it’s time to take a dick in the ass, there are no complaints.

Also Jada is Arch Angel’s 1st Lady so there’s no other reason to not have her at the top of my list for favorite performers.

Maddy O’Reilly:
SlutWoman really gave me a close up review of Maddy. What you all didn’t know is I called Maddy a lazy performer to her face. Awe how mean right? Fuck NO. I watched a lot of maddy’s scenes and I told her that I wanted her to fuck like she means it. In my own words I told her to eat these niggas alive. And that’s what she did.

Not only did I challenge Maddy to be a better performer, Maddy also challenged me. Maddy knows I’m humble and she challenged me to go after my place and to do things my way. There were lots of great conversations about the business and she allowed me to know what she saw in me and it felt great to have someone that barely knew me tell me what I’m able to do. It’s helps that her significant other respects me and has the same views as her.

Maddy took a huge jump once she dove head first in doing anal. I knew for a fact that Maddy was going to be a great anal performer. Maddy text me often for my opinion and I remember when she asked me if she could handle Lex. I told her what to expected and she text me after the scene with two words; NAILED IT. Maddy isn’t afraid to take her body to the next level. There’s still more to come. Maddy reached out to me again for a strategy in 2015…to be continued….

Aaliyah Love:
There’s so much I can say about this woman. I think she is very underrated. As a producer/director in this business and also a fan I can say you don’t get a chick that’s as clean as Aaliyah. When ever I took pictures of her and shot a scene is was always crisp and clean. There’s something heavenly about the way she does things. The way she moans, her angelic smile, and her adorable laugh.

Aaliyah enjoys having romance a part of every scene. Of course she will get nasty and go hard but that’s not her style. A lot of directors don’t listen to the performers request and force them to do something they aren’t into. I love Aaliyah’s passion while she’s performing and it shows in every scene that I’ve shot her in.

Kendra Lust:
There are so many things that I can say about Kendra. Before The Booty Movie was created I only had one experience of shooting Kendra. IT was for a scene with Misty Stone for their sites. We spoke about her performing and what she wanted to do with her career. (Kendra was fresh around that time) Once I had a chance to shoot her it was nothing but fireworks.

Kendra performed for me in the most exciting way. I knew that she was ready for Prince and the chemistry between the two was great. Since I know Kendra is a gym rat the way she straddled Prince on that damn couch was really impressive. The more impressive part was her muscle tone in her legs. Made me jealous and wanted to jump in the gym.

The greatest attribute to Kendra’s weaponary is how she gets involved with the fans. Kendra’s twitter game is on point. Now there are people who share a different view of how twitter is used but I will show anyone the success of Kendra of how she bloomed into a fan favorite. If you show love to the fans they will request you. Once Kendra was requested she shows up and turns it out. Gotta respect that if you ask me.

Stay tuned for PART II real soon…..